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During the child's first year, the development is faster than at any time later in life. The development goes at different speeds in different periods and differs from child to child. 


Tabibi Doctors created for you a walkthrough guide, taking you step by step to be better equipped to deal with your newborn child. 


Zero to One Month Old

Right away, at the age of two weeks, a lot of newborns start to and can even recognize voices. Additionally, they can begin to communicate through sounds and movements. 


At the one month mark, you will begin to notice a smile on your baby's face for the very first time. A heartwarming experience, even if it might only be a reflex. 


It is also important to note that newborns tend to sleep a lot, which is crucial to their development; however, they must be woken up to be fed. 


Two Months Old

At the age of two months, newborns begin to develop another skill, grabbing. You might start to notice that your newborn is holding onto your fingers, hand, or any item they might be able to reach. 


As they grow, they continue to develop their communication by making different sounds, like gargling, cooing, or even using their whole body.

It is also prevalent for a baby to communicate through crying. 


Three Months Old
At the age of three months, your baby might start to recognize faces, especially their mother and father. 


As their bodies develop, you might notice that the baby can lift their head up for a few minutes while laying on their back. They will also start to roll around, so it is imperative to never keep them out of your sight. 


Four Months Old

When your baby reaches four months old, the neck muscles start becoming stronger, making them able to support their neck for more extended periods. 


With that, you will start noticing a new trait developing in your newborn, curiosity. As they start using their eyes more, the baby will be very curious about the world around them. Put interest in what they find interesting and try to communicate with them, even by making simple sounds. 


Five Months Old

The linguistic skills develop quite rapidly from 5 months and above. You might find that your baby can start recognizing their name at this period, so it is a great time to begin communicating with your newborn throughout the day. 


Six Months Old

When your kids reach six months old, they will be able to sit up and with some support. Moreover, they will be able to roll in both directions and even follow the voices and sounds they hear and find interesting. 


A fun game that you can start playing with them is "Where is the baby" hiding behind your hand and then surprising them is an enjoyable way for both you and your baby to bond. 


At this age, you can start exchanging some meals during the day for solid food - put on a bib and be prepared that it will get messy.

Seven Months Old

At seven months, you will be able to have your baby sit without support. You might notice that they will start crawling; even though this differs from child to child, you will see that your kid is becoming more physically active. This means that you have to start taking measures in baby proofing your household. 


Additionally, some children begin to develop baby teeth around this age, which can hurt and lead to crying.

Eight Months Old

Eight months of age is a fascinating age. Your baby will start holding objects more and even put items into their mouths. 

It is advised to keep an eye on them to prevent anything from getting stuck into their throats. 


You might notice that separation anxiety develops at this age, and your baby might become skeptical of new people or other children.

Nine Months Old

As we approach nine months, you can start seeing your child trying to stand up and even stay up as long as they can support themselves. 

The development will start speeding up now, so make sure you secure any staircase any other objects that might be dangerous. 


Their language skills start getting better, and they often understand the emphasis in your voice. It is wise to try to maintain routines for food and sleep during this period.

Ten Months Old

From here, you will start to see your baby's communication develop faster. At the age of 10 months, most kids can understand words such as "yes" and "no"; they might even be able to imitate you. 


You can even start playing some communication games with your baby, such as "where is this toy?" or "where is the table." Your baby might surprise by pointing at those items. Some babies can even start to learn walking during this period. 


Eleven Months Old

We are almost a year old by now! 


Some babies are now able to stand on their own for a few seconds at a time. Overall you will see their motor skills developing more and more.

Additionally, colors become more attractive, so feel free to read different books together.

Twelve Months Old

One year's birthday! 


Some babies can walk without support, and their motor skills will develop at a faster pace. As a result, you will find that playing sessions are more fun and energetic.


You even get to hear your first "mom" or "dad" coming out of their mouths. 


How Tabibi can help out


You can contact Tabibi with any questions concerning your child or you as a parent. Our team of doctors and nurses will assess how you feel, and based on that, we can then help you more accurately with your needs. 


We have best in class pediatricians that will have your and your baby's health as their top priority and always look out for you. 


At Tabibi, we always have your back! 

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