Health Tips for Your New Bundle of Joy!

The arrival of a newborn always brings a great deal of excitement and happiness, as the bundle of joy becomes the newest addition to the family.  Especially for first time parents, it can also be a period of anxiety.   Parents often realize, after being discharged from the hospital, that they still have many questions about proper care for their new baby.  They worry about how to ensure that the newborn stays healthy and develops normally.  Tabibi 24/7 can help alleviate all these concerns, because we provide a thorough, state of the art newborn examination.


Jaundice Measurement

After birth, newborns often develop jaundice, which is characterized by a yellowing of the whites of the eyes or skin.  This discoloration is caused by the excessive build-up of a pigment called bilirubin.  In most laboratories, blood will be drawn in order to ensure that the level is not too high as to require intervention (phototherapy).  Tabibi 24/7 offers another solution, in the form of transcutaneous bilirubin measurement, which means that the measurement is done from the skin.  This method allows us to avoid having to withdraw a blood sample from your newborn.  A borderline bilirubin level can then be followed-up in the same simple and painless manner.

Neonatal Screen

Every newborn should have a neonatal screen done.  This helps determine if a baby has certain diseases, and can allow for early intervention and treatment.  Symptoms of these diseases are not always obvious directly after birth, which is why their early detection by screening is important to prevent irreversible damage.  The neonatal screen we offer tests for five diseases:

G6PD – an enzyme deficiency that causes an individual to be susceptible to the breakdown of red blood cells with certain triggers, resulting in jaundice and anemia.

PKU – an enzyme deficiency that can lead to developmental delay, behavioral problems, and seizures.

Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) – a deficiency of thyroid hormone at birth that can lead to growth failure and permanent intellectual disability if not treated early.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) – an enzyme deficiency that can lead to severe dehydration, salt-wasting, vomiting, and even death in infants.

Galactosemia – a metabolic disorder that can cause growth failure, lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The test is conducted by pricking the heel of the baby and taking a few drops of blood.    The process takes only a few minutes, and provides a large amount of invaluable information.

Newborn Exam and Vaccinations

A thorough, head-to-toe, physical examination is conducted during the newborn visit.  This helps ensure that no abnormalities have gone unnoticed.  The baby’s growth parameters – weight, length, head circumference – are also all checked to ensure that they are within normal.  We also provide vaccinations that are necessary during the newborn period.  Finally, any questions pertaining to your newborn will be answered.



Breastfeeding tips

The benefits of breastfeeding have been proven time and time again, and include protection against certain infections, obesity, allergies, and even certain types of cancers.  For this reason, we encourage all parents to breastfeed and help provide tips on how to facilitate this process.  This includes information of how often to breastfeed, how to position your baby, and how to ensure a good ‘latch.’  We can also provide advice on common breastfeeding problems.


Phone Assistance 24/7

Even after the initial newborn visit, a pediatrician is always available over the phone to answer any questions a parent may have forgotten to ask or alleviate any concerns that may come up in the following days.  No question is too small, and we encourage you to call with whatever inquiry may be on your mind.


The Tabibi 24/7 family looks forward to having the pleasure of caring for your newborn, and providing them with everything we have to offer.