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Offering You a Wide Range of Newborn Care Services

Our relationship with mothers typically starts before birth and lasts during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The mom-to-be also gets prenatal visit(s), 24/7 home visits, and all the newborn care guidance she needs. The pediatrician answers all her questions about motherhood and how to deal with her newborn baby and what to expect. This includes familiarizing her with the neonatal screening test (newborn screening or heel prick test) and all newborn baby essentials.

A TABIBI baby doctor can attend the child’s birth and TABIBI team supports mother and baby starting from day one.

We make sure your newborn has a healthy and safe start, we follow international pediatrics guidelines and the latest technology.

Painless Measurement for Neonatal Jaundice (at Home or Our Pediatric Clinics) 

We are proud to have the electronic neonatal jaundice meter that is highly accurate; one of the latest pediatric medicine innovations. It doesn’t use any needles or injections, it checks your newborn child’s jaundice level accurately and painlessly. Just like our latest vision screening device. This jaundice test device might be still hard to find in Cairo. Luckily, it is available exclusively at TABIBI with its certified pediatric doctors. The device saves mothers the time of looking for a hospital that offers the test. Waiting at the hospital and worrying about the hygiene of the needle can be troublesome, especially for a first time mom. The painless jaundice meter is available for home visits and at our clinics in Maadi, Zayed, New Cairo, New Giza. Please, call us to schedule a neonatal jaundice test visit.

جهاز قياس الصفراء عند الأطفال حديثي الولادة بدون إبر بدون ألم في البيت أو عياداتنا طبيبي 24/7 2 New born Baby NO NEEDLE no pain Jaundice test at home or clinics at TABIBI 24/7
The new pain-free jaundice test device for newborn kids is available right now in pediatrics doctor home visits & at TABIBI 24/7 Cairo clinics

Newborn Hearing Tests 

The hearing system of a newborn baby can be a little immature. Usually the baby’s middle ear is filled with fluid. This slightly impairs the hearing of your child. That’s why high-pitched voices and sounds tend to see more response from newborns. Such voices that we hear as a mother pampers and plays with her baby.

Home Visits

Our pediatric doctors can come visit you right at your doorstep 24/7, anywhere in Greater Cairo. They’ll examine your child and recommend a treatment plan after making sure you fully understand it and are satisfied with it. They can also provide your child with any vaccinations he/she needs, like: the influenza and chicken pox vaccine. Our home visits are available during vacations and in any weather conditions; be it: sunny, cold, rainy, or dusty!

Neonatal Blood Test Screening 

To make sure your newborn has no major medical conditions. 

Check Up 

Hana Al Awady with her kids at TABIBI Maadi clinic for child health check up هنا العوضي في عيادة طبيبي المعادي في كشف عيادة أطفال
Hana Al Awady with her kids at TABIBI Maadi clinic for her child’s check up

Routine checkups that help prevent illness and ensure the development of your child as compared to the normal average. They are a vital part of newborn care and kids’ care in general. Checkups mainly to observe developmental or behavioral problems early enough. And if your child feels unwell, our pediatrics team offers 24/7 doctor home visits and health tips for quick recovery. It’s not just about medicine. It’s about simple, yet impactful lifestyle changes


For your child to keep up with his/her vaccine schedule, including: the influenza vaccine, chicken pox vaccine, etc. Our clinical pharmacists ensure your child is receiving vaccines on a global schedule compared to the local one. Our doctors can even visit you at the comfort of your own home to provide your child with the vaccination he/she needs. Our home visits are available 24//7, anywhere in greater Cairo. 

Medical/Surgical Emergency 

We will promptly refer and admit your child to one of our affiliate hospitals, and will be there with you step by step.” 

Referrals to a Specialist 

We will coordinate your child’s health needs with other doctors if needed. 

Child Psychology and Nutrition

TABIBI doctors and psychologists will advise you on your child’s wellbeing and mental health. They will also advise you on the proper diet for his/her age, healthy food they should eat, and will address any questions related to your child’s nutrition. Ask for discussion sessions, doctor visits and parenting skills workshops to address any kids behavior issues. 

TABIBI offers you a newborn booklet to document all medical and newborn care data, including 2 month baby vaccines, 4 month baby shots, and up to 15 and 18 month old schedules. You can call us on our newborn hotline at any time 24/7 for any guidance, support or tips that you need to deal with your newborn.