Children, especially newborns, are precious and need special care. Whether you are new to motherhood or not, caring for your new tiny family member can be a challenge without the right support system. Our newborn services at Tabibi are designed to cater to the needs of your newborn child in the precise, responsive and timely manner you need and seek. Our duty is to enable you to truly enjoy being a new mom and worry less about the health and wellbeing of your little ones.
The Tabibi integrated newborn services are designed with a mindset of providing you with reliable, timely assistance across all stages of your new mom experience. This is why we not only offer our services at our clinics, but through home visits as well. 
Before Birth
We help prepare you and your family for having the baby by: 
1. Guiding you through the transition to parenthood. 
2. Supporting you in dealing with siblings. 
3. Empowering you on this new chapter in your family’s story.
After Birth
We welcome your baby to the world, and make sure they are ready for it with:
1. Newborn checkup through a comprehensive head-to-toe examination.
2. Creating a dedicated electronic medical record for your newborn.
3. Creating a comprehensive and tailored child health and development monitoring program for your child.
4. Holding periodic wellness checks.
5. Providing proficient breastfeeding advice and support.
6. Regularly measuring jaundice using static and portable jaundice meters available in home visits.
Ongoing Care
We follow up regularly on the health and development of your baby through:
1. Vaccines and vaccine reminders.
2. Treatment for fevers and other acute illnesses.
3. Emergency first aid services.
4. Lab tests through clinic or home visit services.
5. Vision and visual acuity checks.
6. Auditory assessment, and hearing tests.
Tabibi services also last far beyond the newborn phase of your child’s development. Our pediatrics specialists will accompany your children through their growth journey and, together with our family medicine specialists, we will make sure your whole family’s wellness is well taken care of.
To book, call our hotline at 16724, use our dedicated app or our website here. 

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Our mothers, fathers, grandparents and great-grandparents root our families and bring them together.

For you

For you

In the midst of all of life’s demands, taking care of yourself might, inadvertently, go on the back burner.


What patients say about us

This is the first time I have tried Tabibi 247 and I just wanted to express my gratitude to such great service and professional team members. I would inform you that Dr.Sayed was very helpful and informative. He took his time to explain everything which I really appreciate. I am just proud that such an establishment is in Egypt.

Such great service and professional team members ~ Mohamed

One of the best medical experiences ever. Flawless reservation, cheerful staff, professional doctors and a colorful well equipped center. Amazed to have such level of service and care :) Thank you Tabibi 24/7

Best medical experiences ever ~ Rania

Today my son had an accident resulting in a large deep cut on the back of his head. Dr Radwa came round and was absolutely amazing from start to finish. She phoned the local hospital to arrange the stitches, took us there with her driver, arranged everything and stayed with us whilst my semi hysterical 2.5 year old received a numbing injection and 3 stitches. She absolutely went above and beyond. My son is still asking about the doctor!

Outstanding service. Thank you ~ Jen

Before Tabibi I used to go to work, leaving my baby at home sick, feeling worried and tense. Now i am more relaxed and happy to be your customer. Being able to reach your doctor at anytime is a blessing. Thank your Tabibi that is worth a million

Happy to be your customer ~ Laila

Tabibi is a rare medical family, I especially love working as a team with some of the brightest doctors. I’m lucky to work with such a committed and caring group of individuals, and share all our combined knowledge to help ensure we are giving the best medical care to our patients.

Some of the brightest doctors ~ Dr. Nadine

What I love is that all your doctors follow one school, when they prescribe and diagnose. I am very happy and grateful and proud of having Tabibi. Bravo!

Happy and grateful ~ Noha