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In the midst of all of life’s demands, taking care of yourself might, inadvertently, go on the back burner. We are here to prevent that and help you find hassle-free, age-specific, wellness and preventative care. 
At Tabibi, we are also taking your family’s health to the next level: Beyond treating diseases or medical conditions, our family doctors do not wait till a beloved one falls sick. Together, we can prevent illnesses, reduce risks or discover diseases early, as well as provide you with the necessary counseling to lead a healthy life.
Wellness Checks
The dedicated wellness checks offered by Tabibi include a comprehensive assessment of the different components covering your health. 
The model Tabibi created for this service includes input from an integrated team of:
1. Family doctors 
2. Pediatricians
3. Geriatrics experts
4. General medicine specialists 
5. Psychologists
6. Clinical pharmacists 
7. Nutrition experts 
among others. 
Tabibi Wellness checks include:
1. Creating a comprehensive medical record for each family member.
2. Fully assessing your current health status, including chronic conditions or injuries.
3. Establishing a wellness plan dedicated to your needs that includes checkups, treatment, prevention, behaviors, nutrition and immunization.
These checks will serve as a first step towards the Tabibi Family Wellness Program, carried out by a fully equipped and trained family medicine specialist, a medical assistant and/or a nurse.
Based on this wellness check, a full personalized plan will be delivered to you, including: 
1. A full analysis of the tests results.
2. A comprehensive overview on the health status of the whole family. 
3. Counseling and referral in the case of acute conditions.
4. A customized family wellness calendar to hang on your fridge.
The Tabibi Wellness Program
Once the initial wellness check has been created, a personalized wellness plan will be ready for you and your family.
The Tabibi Wellness Program includes:
1. Medical records for all family members. Your medical records will be electronic, regularly updated and patient-accessible.
2. A personalized periodic screening schedule for the whole family, based on the findings of the physical examination and initial full assessment.
a. A full screening schedule will be set for each family member. 
b. The screening tests will be arranged and interpreted through the Tabibi medical team.
c. Follow-up schemes will be case-tailored and designed based on the screening results. 
d. Schemes include provision of full family health services such as: 
i. Prevention 
ii. Treatment 
iii. Life-style modifications 
iv. Follow-up on health outcomes
Additional counseling includes:
1. Behavioral counseling on matters like smoking, nutrition and physical activity, to name a few.
2. A written, comprehensive personalized plan. 
3. A communication channel with the dedicated family doctor for follow-up, questions, interpretations of tests or referrals.
4. Educational health material, communicated periodically through a designated communication channel (email or WhatsApp).
5. An immunization schedule for the whole family.
To book, call our hotline at 16724, use our dedicated app or our website here. 

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Children, especially newborns, are precious and need special care.



Our mothers, fathers, grandparents and great-grandparents root our families and bring them together.


What patients say about us

This is the first time I have tried Tabibi 247 and I just wanted to express my gratitude to such great service and professional team members. I would inform you that Dr.Sayed was very helpful and informative. He took his time to explain everything which I really appreciate. I am just proud that such an establishment is in Egypt.

Such great service and professional team members ~ Mohamed

One of the best medical experiences ever. Flawless reservation, cheerful staff, professional doctors and a colorful well equipped center. Amazed to have such level of service and care :) Thank you Tabibi 24/7

Best medical experiences ever ~ Rania

Today my son had an accident resulting in a large deep cut on the back of his head. Dr Radwa came round and was absolutely amazing from start to finish. She phoned the local hospital to arrange the stitches, took us there with her driver, arranged everything and stayed with us whilst my semi hysterical 2.5 year old received a numbing injection and 3 stitches. She absolutely went above and beyond. My son is still asking about the doctor!

Outstanding service. Thank you ~ Jen

Before Tabibi I used to go to work, leaving my baby at home sick, feeling worried and tense. Now i am more relaxed and happy to be your customer. Being able to reach your doctor at anytime is a blessing. Thank your Tabibi that is worth a million

Happy to be your customer ~ Laila

Tabibi is a rare medical family, I especially love working as a team with some of the brightest doctors. I’m lucky to work with such a committed and caring group of individuals, and share all our combined knowledge to help ensure we are giving the best medical care to our patients.

Some of the brightest doctors ~ Dr. Nadine

What I love is that all your doctors follow one school, when they prescribe and diagnose. I am very happy and grateful and proud of having Tabibi. Bravo!

Happy and grateful ~ Noha