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Did you ever have a pain and not know which doctor to see? Or a question you’re not sure who can answer? Or ever wanted a doctor who knows you, your history and your whole family? Tabibi 24/7 was born to address all these pain point we all experience. Recognizing these challenges, Tabibi 24/7 is proud to be the first primary healthcare practice in Egypt, offering a wide range of services for the whole family – from your newborn child to your grandparents.

  • Your family doctor knows you and your family history

  • Every interaction you have with Tabibi 24/7 is documented in your electronic medical record (EMR)

  • You can view and manage your and your family’s medical record from our website

  • A Tabibi family doctor can see and treat the majority of medical cases

  • You choose whether to come to the clinic, or we come to you

  • We refer and book for you for a specialist opinion when needed

  • Our call center operates 24/7

  • Our doctors are always up to date with medical best practice through the Tabibi Academy

  • One stop shop for lab tests, referrals and much more

  • We work with all major insurance providers