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Adult & Elderly Health: Home Care Services, Chronic Disease Management & more

Once we reach adulthood, we generally take a reactive approach to our health, we wait until something goes wrong. Our elderly parents and grandparents need and deserve personalized, convenient medical attention especially as they grow older. TABIBI doctors are here to support our elderly patients in aging gracefully by providing the best in elderly healthcare.

Our senior loved ones will especially benefit from these tailored services:

Chronic Disease Management

For those with diabetes, chronic hypertension, heart disease, an autoimmune disease, or any other chronic pain or health condition, caregivers may need the help of the senior’s TABIBI doctor to help manage their health and remind them of their tests and routine check up. So how does a TABIBI doctor help you or an elderly manage a chronic disease?

  • They give advice on medications and how to manage and avoid mixing them
  • Provide tips on lifestyle adjustments and quick remedies
  • Advise on any diets that are worth consideration and are always there to provide the support that seniors may need.

Egypt’s first diabetes management program

Just like joining a gym, becoming a member in TABIBI’s DMP will help the elderly and their caregivers in managing your life with diabetes again. Your TABIBI doctor will remind you and coordinate checkups, blood tests and everything else you or your senior parent might need.


Home care services

Home care and geriatric medicine are prominent services that TABIBI has been providing for years. Geriatric doctors are certified and supervised by the PCI in UK. The doctor who is responsible for your loved one’s case is aware of the different health problems and their relations. So any potential mixing of medicine or complications will be avoided under a carefully placed treatment plan. The senior care doctor can treat chronic pain and illnesses resulting from aging. If needed, routine doctor home healthcare visits can be organized to the frequency of your liking, and our doctors can be accompanied by a licensed nurse. Nursing services are highly customizable to the elderly’s needs; our nursing team follows a clear medical management plan set out by the attending physician. Our home care services also help elderly patients with activities like:

  • Getting Dressed
  • Bathing
  • Food and Meds Preparation
  • Movement Coordination

Home Visits

No need to exhaust your elderly loved ones, especially when they’re sick. Our doctors can visit seniors at the comfort of their own home 24 hours, anywhere in Greater Cairo. Our home visits are available for children and the elderly during vacations and in any weather conditions; be it cold,  rainy, or dusty! Book a home visit 24 hours, home care or a clinic appointment for any family member

Home tests, vaccines, immunization and lab services

TABIBI partners with laboratory services to make it as convenient as possible for you and the family. Tests, vaccines and even scans like X-ray are brought to your home! Your test results will be updated on your medical records.

Medical/surgical emergencies

We will promptly refer and admit elderly patients to one of our affiliate hospitals, and will be there with you, every step of the way.

Fluid Therapy

Our fluid therapy services are available at home, both if the patient needs hydration or to deliver medications. Our doctors follow up on you or your loved ones’ treatment and adjust it as necessary, taking into consideration your needs.

Hospital discharge assistance

Once discharged from a hospital, patients are often left with a lot of unanswered questions, mixed medications, or a sense of confusion. The elderly care doctor will be there to organize a care plan, reconcile various medications, and manage the health of your elderly loved one.

Please fill in the details to book a home visit 24 hours, home care or a clinic appointment for any family member