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What to Do for a Healthy & Happy Eid with your Kids?
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What to Do for a Healthy & Happy Eid with your Kids?
What to Do for a Healthy & Happy Eid with your Kids?

The Eid is here! It is time to eat Kahk and give out the Eidya. It is a happy time for the kids whether you spend it visiting the family & relatives, or take the chance to go to the beach. But did you know that you actually shouldn’t give your kids Kahk or other tradition Eid sweets if they are younger than 2 years old?

What to look out for in the Eid?

Before you give your child another piece of Kahk, be careful that you could be damaging their health. Kahk and other sweets are full of oils, sugars, and fats that can give them constipation and increase their weight. That’s why you should keep these 3 tips in mind:

  1. Kahk isn’t suitable for kids under 2 because it can give them diarrhea
  2. Kids can’t control their appetite, so let’s avoid putting the sweets in visible and accessible places
  3. Kids between 6 and 12 need between 1600 Kcal to 2200 Kcal, and yet Kahk has 200 Kcal each, Ghorayeba has 160 Kcal, petit four has 90 Kcal, and Biscuits have 60 Kcal

Recommendations for a Happy Eid

So now that you know that you can’t just feed your kids Kahk unchecked, what should you do instead to keep it a healthy & happy eid? Just because they may not be able to eat the sweets they want doesn’t mean they still can’t have as much fun.

1. Don’t buy kahk, make it

Almost all of us today buy ready-made kahk, because why go through the hassle of making it? But actually this hassle provides an amazing opportunity to bond with your kids, and them to have healthy fun in the Eid.

Rolling, poking, and squishing the dough builds the muscles of the fingers and the hands that your child will later use for cutting and grabbing pencils, etc. They enhance their hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills as they play & shape the dough.

You can even use the experience to teach them new vocabulary like words to describe textures & shapes, and even teach them about math & science when you measure, experiment, and predict what will happen to the dough while it’s cooked.

2. Make Eidya a Learning Experience

Everyone loves getting money gifts, even children, so the eidya is always an anticipated part of the eid. But why not turn it into a learning experience? You can use this opportunity to teach them about spending & saving!

You can create 3 jars; “savings”, “spending”, & “sharing”. Together you can divide the money equally between the 3 jars. Have them use the spending money to get small stuff like candy or stickers, while the sharing money can be used to help someone in need. The saving money should be used for bigger things like toys. However, set with them reasonable goals that aren’t too expensive and they can get within a few months.

As a parent, you must make sure that your kids have real money that they earned. These can be through allowances, completing tasks, or rewards for good deeds. You can help motivate them further by contributing donations or matching what they save.

This practice can also enhance their math and planning skills as you count together the money saved, calculate how much they need to save, and how long it will take to reach their goal.

3. Stay safe with the Fireworks

Fireworks are mesmerizing to watch and a favorite entertainment for children, but they’re one of the definitions of “playing with fire”. They can cause burns & eye injuries for children and adults alike. The ideal scenario is to attend public fireworks display and leave the lighting to the professionals.

But if your child just insists on playing with them, here are some precautions to keep in mind:

 a) Never play inside the house

 b) Keep a distance as instructed

 c) Don’t throw it away without making sure it’s completely burned out by putting under water

 d) Buy only appropriate fireworks suitable for non-professionals and use them only in designated areas

 e) Throw away any defective ones without trying to light them again

Putting some restrictions on the traditional Eid celebrations for the kids doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of the traditional fun! Use every opportunity to create a fun experience that keeps your children safe & healthy, and even nurture their development.

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